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Congratulations on 70 years of successful business serving the community. - George MacDonald-Former Mayor of Midland


Walker's Electric 2000 has gone through several moves and changes in its long history to become the company it is today.
It all started back in 1935, when Edwin Walker first moved to Midland. He was an electrician by trade hoping to work for the new Ontario Hydro regional office that was to open in 1936. Instead, he went to work for himself by starting an electrical contracting business called Ed Walker out of his home on Mildred Street. He successfully landed a government contract to wire warships. Fairmiles and minesweepers were built at the Midland Boats Works, Penetang Grew Boats, and the Honey Harbour Shipyard. Ed Walker wired them with a large crew of up to 60 men.

Then came a series of moves, the first being to a house at 377 Hugel Street. (As an interesting footnote, Ed Walker's phone number there was only three numbers long...1-6-7.) The next move came in 1941, when he moved to a house on King Street (now One-Stop Beauty Shop) beside the Odeon Theatre (now the Roxy Twin Theatres). In 1943, he built a shop out back for the inventory and the trucks. This shop is now occupied by Cellarman's Ale House. Five years later, he added a store to sell appliances. Today, this store has become Georgian Bay Windsurfing, located in front of Cellerman's.

In 1959, Walker's Electric helped lead the way with electric heating. Both the local newspaper and the electrical industry reported the first home built north of Toronto with a complete electrical heating system. At the time, the house was a breakthrough in technology. It was built mostly by Ed Walker and his four sons: Ken, Gordon, Alan, and David. They hosted booths at the annual Midland Fall Fair introducing people to this new electrical heating technology for homes.

In 1967, the second generation Walkers, Ken, Gordon, Alan and David became partners in the new incorporated company called Ed Walker's Electric Ltd. Also during 1967, they built and moved to occupy a new company location at 889 King Street, and included a new custom control panel division named Walker Panels. By this time the company was servicing many different sectors of the community including commercial, industrial, marinas, farms and residential.

Ed Walker continued to run the company with his sons into the early 1980's, before officially retiring and leaving the company entirely to the second-generation Walkers. For another ten years, Ed Walker's sons would continue to proudly serve the Midland community, Huronia and beyond from its 889 King Street location.

In November of 1993, Ed Walker's Electric Ltd. made the move to its present location at 169 Bay Street. The building was completely renovated to house the company. By now, Ed Walker's Electric Ltd. had expanded to include four different divisions: electrical contracting, custom control panels, a mechanical division, and a security division. The company and its divisions would continue for another five years before seeing some major changes.

During 1999, Ed Walker's Electric Ltd. made major changes to prepare for the new millenium. First, the company streamlined itself as the mechanical and security divisions were sold. Secondly, third-generation Glenn Walker, son of Gordon, took the reins of the company in the absence of the retiring Ken and David.

In August 1999, Ed Walker's Electric Ltd. became Walker's Electric 2000, donning a new name to reflect the company's third generation of family ownership. Gordon Walker continues to be actively involved with Walker's Electric 2000 as the only remaining second-generation family member.

The company is proud to mention that fourth generation, Jeremy Walker, has been actively taking part in contributing to Walker's overall success. Jeremy has graduated from Brock University, achieving his BA in Business Administration and is currently serving his electrical apprenticeship with Walker's Electric 2000.

Today, Walkers Electric is growing as a fully independent company, a Division of 1350223 Ontario Inc., under the ownership of Glenn Walker, and managed by Harry Billson.

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